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Ford Raptor R Intake

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    Cold Air Intakes

    Stock air intakes are restrictive, not allowing the engine to work at its full potential. With an S&B Cold Air Intake, you’ll unlock the true performance of your engine while still keeping it protected.

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    Body Mounts

    Stock body mounts breakdown over time, giving you a rough and noisy ride. S&B Body Mounts use a premium silicone rubber which gives you a smooth, new truck ride that lasts a lifetime.

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    Replacement Fuel Tanks

    Diesel trucks come with small fuel tanks that limit your range costing you time and money at the pump. S&B Fuel Tanks are high capacity direct replacements (no drilling or cutting) that let you go farther between fuel stops.

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    Intercooler Pipes

    Stock intercooler pipes will eventually burst and leave you stranded. Upgrade to better, stronger materials with improved airflow.

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    Particle Separators

    Dust can quickly clog a UTV’s air filter, causing damage and choking the engine of power. The S&B Particle Separator works to keep the filter clean longer so you can maximize performance while protecting your engine.

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    Air Filters

    High performance replacement filters. Available in either a cotton cleanable or dry extendable media.

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New Cold Air Intake Systems

2011-23 Dodge Charger / Challenger