S&B Particle Separator

Technology Inspired by Military Aircraft

Keep your UTV's air filter clean and, engine protected. Technology inspired by military aircraft that separates over 94% of the dust, so your air filter stays cleaner, longer.


Our engineers designed new proprietary vortexes that offer even more airflow while still ejecting over 94% of the dust to keep your filter cleaner, longer. With less dust on your filter, your engine will produce more power.


The Particle Separator features an automatic variable speed scavenge fan. When you're at idle or the vehicle's RPM is low, the fan speed is lower allowing you to talk and listen to music without hearing the fan. Once you hit the gas, the scavenge fan instantaneously accelerates to provide maximum protection for your filter. It’s the best of both worlds.


Don’t let the elements slow you down. A clogged filter chokes your engine of power. The S&B Particle Separator lets you play in harsh conditions, as it was designed to protect from water, snow, sand and fine dust. The Particle Separator ejects 94% of the dusty air before it reaches your stock filter.


Check out how the Particle Separator technology works and how it ejects 94% of dust BEFORE it even reaches your air filter. 


The Particle Separator’s versatile billet clamps allow it to be installed in many positions on either the upper or lower roll bars of your UTV and accommodates most roof configurations. If you have a custom cage or roof, larger clamp and spacer kits are sold separately if needed to ensure a secure fit to your UTV.

When installed on the upper roll bar, the Particle Separator allows your UTV to engulf more air. With this additional airflow, your engine will maintain its highest level of performance in horsepower and fuel economy


Running the S&B Particle Separator is less restrictive than running without one. There is no loss of horsepower because your filter is not getting bogged down with dirt and debris, resulting in less restriction and maximum airflow. Just what a race-tuned UTV needs.

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Key on: 0.3A

At idle: 0.6A

Max speed: 2.4A

We suggest mounting your particle separator to one of the horizontal roll cage bars found to the rear of the vehicle. You can mount the separator on the lower roll cage bar behind the back row of seats, or to the upper roll cage bar either above or below the roof. We recommend facing the particle separator forward to benefit from RAM air induction while the vehicle is moving.

Yes the particle separator will still work, although you will not benefit from RAM air induction when the vehicle is in motion. If you mount the particle separator behind a window, leave at least 6 inches of space between the window and the face of the separator to ensure proper functionality and separation

The particle separator has been designed to fit specifically with the LinQ pivoting rack accessory for the Can-am X3. We do not guarantee fitment with any other aftermarket racks. Please refer to the general dimensions sheet and measure your desired mounting position to determine if the Particle Separator will fit with your rack.

Yes. finding dust in the fresh air outlet is completely normal and does not indicate that your PS is malfunctioning. The Particle Separator filters out over 94% of dust; the dust found inside of the fresh air outlet is the 6% that was not filtered out.

  1. Ensure that you are mounting either a ground plane or no-ground plane antenna. Mount the antenna to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding location.
  2. Make sure the antenna is at least 3 feet away from the PS.
  3. Connect your radio directly to the battery of the vehicle.

If your fans are not working as described in the instructions, please watch our fan troubleshooting video below. 

If you determine that part of your electrical system is malfunctioning, please contact S&B customer support for assistance.

Once the dust has been separated from the clean air, it is directed in the main body of the separator and quickly evacuated back to the atmosphere through the separator’s 2 variable speed fans. With the design of the Particle Separator, the fans are integrated into the body of the separator and are only visible through the vents on the underside of the unit. The system has been designed to exhaust the dust straight backward, avoiding contact with any cargo or equipment found under the separator in the bed of the UTV.

Yes, but only if your current kit is compatible with your new UTV.