S&B Warranty

S&B is firmly committed to providing our customers with best in class, reliable products from Authorized Dealers. S&B products purchased from Authorized Dealers by the original purchaser are backed by S&B’s Million Mile Limited Warranty when used under typical driving conditions and on vehicles for which they were designed. If one of our products is not performing properly or is defective, S&B will replace it. S&B will not be responsible for any consequential, indirect, contingent, special or other damages not outlined in this warranty.

If you purchased S&B products from an unauthorized dealer or if the original factory serial number has been removed, defaced or altered, your S&B limited warranty will not be valid. Unfortunately, there are some websites and dealers who claim to be authorized S&B resellers but are not. S&B Products sold on these unauthorized websites or by unauthorized dealers do not carry a warranty from S&B. When you purchase products from an unauthorized website or dealer you are taking a risk, because these products may be counterfeit, used, or defective. Please protect yourself by ensuring that you only purchase S&B products from an S&B Authorized Dealer. To find an S&B Authorized Dealer near you, please click here.

What is not covered by the S&B Warranty

If you use an S&B product for (1) any type of racing or competitive event (2) any off-road use, (3) custom or modified product, (4) any industrial or marine applications, (5) any illegal highway use, and/or (6) GPI fuel transfer pumps and EZ Lynk devices. If an S&B product purchased from an Authorized Dealer is not covered by our Million Mile Limited Warranty, our products are still warranted against manufacturing defects for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Additional Warranty Terms by Product Category

Intake Elbows

The warranty period for S&B Intake Elbows is 5-Years. Returns are not accepted once the parts have been installed. S&B DOES NOT RECOMMEND NOR DOES THE WARRANTY COVER CONDITIONS WHERE THE INTAKE ELBOW IS EXPOSED TO INTERNAL PRESSURE IN EXCESS OF 75 POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH (PSI). Visit www.sbfilters.com for actual burst test results. Exposing the Intake Elbow to pressures in excess of 75 PSI could cause the Intake Elbow to leak and/or rupture causing severe damage to your vehicle and/or serious bodily harm including death. Never run more than 5 PSI of pressure through the Intake Elbow with your hood raised. Special care should be taken when running a vehicle on a dyno to protect all personnel from flying debris in the event of a rupture of the part.

Competitor Air Filters

S&B warrants that filters made for our competitor’s intake kits will meet or exceed the claims made on the specific product page for the filter which was purchased. The S&B Engine Protection Limited Warranty does NOT apply for this category of filters (part #s starting with CR-) as S&B can’t be held accountable for a customer’s engine damage as this damage could have occurred with the original filter installed and thus prior to using the S&B filter.

Particle Separators

S&B warranties the electrical components of the Particle Separator’s scavenge fan and wiring harness for 3 years from the date of purchase. The warranty DOES NOT cover broken fan blades. In close proximity of another UTV, there is the potential to get Roosted. Getting Roosted is when small rocks from the vehicle in front of you may fling into the Particle Separator’s inlets and break the fan blades. If you do get roosted frequently, click here to learn more about our Roost Protector.The 3.5" flexible ducting comes with a one (1) year warranty.

Silicone Tool Tray

Lifetime limited warranty. Normal wear and tear is not included. Prolong exposure to gasoline, diesel, oil and other chemicals can damage the product and are not covered under the warranty. Product must be properly cleaned and maintained according the the instructions on the product page to be covered.

Body Mounts

If properly installed according to the installation instructions, S&B guarantees the product for the lifetime of the vehicle for the original purchaser. Body Mounts are made from premium grade silicone and are designed not to deteriorate like the stock mounts. If your mounts deteriorate, S&B will provide you with replacement mounts at no cost and pay for the labor to have the new ones installed (labor not to exceed $150). We will also assist you with finding an authorized dealer who will replace the mounts for this amount. Normal wear and tear is not included. Exposure to gasoline, diesel, oil and other chemicals can damage the product and are not covered under the warranty.

Diesel Fuel Tanks

S&B replacement fuel tanks have a lifetime limited warranty for the original purchaser. If there is a problem with an S&B tank related to defect, materials or workmanship, S&B will replace it. All terms of the S&B Million Mile Limited Warranty also apply to S&B fuel tanks. Damage to an S&B fuel tank resulting from improper installation or use will not be covered by this warranty.

WARNING for Those Using In-Bed Fuel Tanks

On S&B and OEM diesel fuel tanks, there are one or more rollover valves. The rollover valve uses a float/weight to close the valve when the float is immersed in fuel. This prevents fuel leakage in the event of a rollover. Gravity feed tanks or electronically controlled feed tanks can overfill the S&B or OEM tank. If/when the tank is overfilled, the rollover valves will prematurely close. Without the required vapor space in the tank, this violates the “overfill restriction” requirement of 49 CFR 393.76(12)(i). An overfilled tank can lead to a pressurized fuel tank, leaking, and tank failure.Therefore, the use of a gravity feed tank or electronically controlled transfer tanks (that allow the S&B tank to overfill) in conjunction with a S&B Tank is dangerous and will void the S&B Tank warranty.

Replacement of Product

In order to return any product to S&B, an RMA number must be issued. Customer must supply proof of purchase and product must be sent back at customer’s cost.

Extent of Warranty

If a defective product is properly returned to S&B, it will be replaced. S&B reserves the right to decide as to if the terms of the warranty outlined above have been followed properly. Should S&B decide that the terms of the warranty do not apply, S&B will under no obligation honor this warranty. Under no condition shall S&B be responsible for any contingent, special, consequential, indirect or other damages.