Maximum Airflow
Our intake tubes are designed to minimize restriction for better performance.
Enclosed Airbox
Fully enclosed one piece air box that protects the air filter from dirt and keeps out unwanted engine heat.
Clear Lid
S&B's signature clear lid provides a great finished look.
Large Air Filter
Our intake kits come with a massive air filter in either a cleanable or dry media.




S&B cold air intakes are engineered to minimize air restriction and increase air flow far better than your stock system. Our intake kits come with a fully enclosed one piece air box that protects the air filter from dirt and keeps out unwanted engine heat. The signature clear lid provides a great look and includes a rubber lid seal to keep out more of that power robbing engine heat.


Each intake kit comes with a huge, highly-efficient air filter which results in better performance and better protection for your engine. Available in either a 8-layer cotton cleanable or dry extendable media, the choice is yours. Both offer similar performance, so the decision comes down to would you prefer to throw away the filter or clean it.


Silicone is a premium rubber which seals better and lasts longer. The air filter, couplers and tube seals in our intake kits are made from our premium silicone rubber. This means they won't crack, has exceptional tear strength, and can handle temperatures as high as 400F. Also, with a high friction surface and no oily residue, our silicone filters and couplers won’t slide off the tube.

Tested to a higher standard.

We test all our intakes to the internationally accepted ISO 5011 Standard when testing for airflow, efficiency and capacity. This is the same protocol used by most of the large automakers.

Airflow testing shows us how we compare to stock and our competitors. The goal is to beat both. We test for efficiency to make sure that your engine is protected from debris while sucking in even more air. Lastly, we monitor the capacity of the filter to see how much dirt it can hold before needing to be serviced.

No More Check Engine lights.

S&B devotes a huge amount of resources to engineer our intakes that allow your engine to run properly with stock calibration or enhanced tuning. S&B intake kits are designed to avoid check engine lights with a properly mapped Mass Air Flow Sensor.

  • Great Results. Thank You!

    I drive 140 miles a day to work roundtrip and it seems to run a lot smoother at low RPM. It definitely feels like it accelerates a lot faster without any lag. Installation was pretty straight forward from the instructions provided. Overall I am very happy with it. I’ve seen a 2-3 mpg increase on the highway. I have been averaging 17 mpg towing a 3,000 lbs. boat at 70 mph.

    - Regan

    2016-2018 Colorado/Canyon Duramax 2.8L

  • Awesome. Exceeded Expectations.

    It has been only a few days but by far the best cold air intake i have ever used. Not loud at all with plug removed from air box. Great product. Thank you S&B.

    - Jason

    2014-2018 RAM 2500/3500 6.4L HEMI

  • Well Worth It

    You can truly feel the throttle response of the vehicle and after 3 days it managed about 2 mpg more on the same commute. I always got 18.5-18.8 mpg on my daily 60 mile commute. After resetting it and driving for 3 days it has stayed 20.4-21.3 I am very light on the throttle so it will vary with how you drive it, but it was better than expected!

    - Eric

    2010-2018 Toyota 4Runner / FJ Cruiser


Both filters offer similar performance characteristics, so the decision comes down to would you prefer to throw away the filter or clean it. Read more

Installing an S&B Intake Kit or Filter will not void your vehicle's warranty as long as you properly install and maintain your intake/filter.

It is illegal for a dealership to void your warranty based solely on the fact that you have installed an aftermarket product. Your rights are protected by the Consumer Product Warranties Law, often referred to as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

If a dealer threatens to void your warranty, S&B will step in to assist you. "S&B commits that our customers will not be charged for a repair due to the manufacturer denying their warranty claim because of the presence of an S&B intake kit or OE replacement filter. We warrant that using an S&B intake kit or OE filter will not result in the denial of your vehicle’s warranty." Million Mile Warranty

The simple answer is that it depends on your vehicle. Improving the airflow to your engine has been shown to increase horsepower. That being said, we don't publish horsepower numbers because of the inaccurate and outlandish claims made by many of our competitors. Instead we test to the ISO 5011 Filtration Standard and publish the airflow, efficiency and capacity data for each intake. This is the internationally accepted standard for testing filters and intake systems, so we can hold our competition accountable if they make an incorrect claim. Learn more

Our kits are designed to work with the stock system and you will not receive any CEL’s (check engine lights) during normal operation of the vehicle. Although many customers choose to pair our intake with aftermarket tuners, our kits do not require a tuner nor any special tuning in order to provide a performance increase.

During the installation process we ask that you disconnect the battery because this will prompt your vehicle's computer/sensors to recalibrate and adapt to the new intake and the extra amount of airflow coming through the intake tube. This step is sometimes skipped and since the computer doesn't know there was a change to the air intake, it could potentially throw a CEL, but can be easily corrected by disconnecting the battery.


Find the cold air intake that fits your vehicle.