S&B Tanks are high capacity direct replacements for the OE fuel tank. Allowing for almost double the fuel capacity, so you can go further and not waste time at the pumps. Let us fuel your adventure.


The S&B Tank comes with all the components to remove your 24 gallon tank and replace it with our 47 gallon tank. The tank mounts in the stock location with an additional rear strap. The tank occupies the space forward and rearward of the original tank and does not stick out anymore toward the driver side than the original tank.

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Even with more fuel on board, your fuel gauge will remain accurate thanks to S&B’s tank design. From full to empty you will always know how much fuel is in your tank. The distance to empty however will still be calculated based on the stock fuel capacity. For example, @ 20mpg and a full tank(47 gallons) you will have 940 miles to empty but your vehicle will show you have 480 miles to empty.

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Made out of ¼” thick crosslink polyethylene, these tanks are built to last and are backed by our lifetime warranty.

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    High Capacity Replacement Fuel Tanks for Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

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    High Capacity Replacement Fuel Tanks for Winnebago Revel Vans.

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Dont have the space or tools to install the tank yourself? Check out some of our professional installation shops that specialize in installing S&B Tanks. Your Van is in good hands.

To view S&B Sprinter Van Fuel Tank installers closest to you, please click here.

Yes, the original sending unit is used with the S&B Tank so that means the auxiliary tap will still be there but now with 2x as much fuel to use through the auxiliary tap.

S&B Tanks are made out of the best quality high-density crosslink polyethylene. S&B Tanks hold many advantages over metal fuel tanks. S&B Tanks will not rust, corrode, delaminate over time, won't have condensation like metal tanks, and are more resilient than metal tanks.

Plumbing an auxiliary tank into the S&B Tank will void the warranty on the S&B Tank. Auxiliary transfer tanks can overfill the main tank leading to tank expansion and leaking.

We ship via FedEx ground to either a business or your home.

Yes you can, but you may need ramps or jack to have enough clearance to pull out the original tank and slide the S&B Tank in under the van.

When a vehicle manufacturer designs a fuel tank, the advertised capacity includes a built-in reserve. Typical OE reserve amounts range from 2-4 gallons of the advertised capacity. The reserve fuel is “built in” to the sending unit for the fuel gauge; when the gauge registers Empty the reserve fuel is still there to help the vehicle owner avoid running out of fuel. When the fuel tank is upgraded to an S&B Tank, the OE sending unit is transferred to the S&B Tank, and thus so is the reserve fuel. However since the S&B Tank has a greater surface area than the OE tank, the reserve fuel amount will be greater as well, usually 6-8 gallons.

Yes, if the grey water tank worked with the original tank, it will work with the S&B Tank.