Stock Replacement Filter (Cotton Cleanable)

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Stock Replacement Filter (Cotton Cleanable)

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Filter Type (What Filter Should I Choose?) Cotton Cleanable

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Type of media Oiled (Red)
Quantity of oil 42 grams
1996ChevroletExpress 35005.7L, Gas
1996ChevroletExpress 35004.3L, Gas
1996ChevroletExpress 25005.0L, Gas
1990-1995GMCP35004.3L, Gas
1988-1995GMCK25004.3L, Gas
1988-1995GMCK1500 Sierra4.3L, Gas
1980-1995GMCG15005.7L, Gas
1980-1995GMCG15005.0L, Gas
1985-1995GMCG15004.3L, Gas
1988-1995GMCC2500 Sierra4.3L, Gas
1988-1995GMCC1500 Sierra4.3L, Gas
1988-1995ChevroletK25004.3L, Gas
1988-1995ChevroletK15004.3L, Gas
1988-1995ChevroletC25004.3L, Gas
1988-1995ChevroletC15004.3L, Gas
1990ChevroletP304.3L, Gas
1980-1988GMCG35005.7L, Gas
1985-1988GMCG35004.3L, Gas
1980-1988GMCG25005.7L, Gas
1980-1988GMCG25005.0L, Gas
1985-1988GMCG25004.3L, Gas
1980ChevroletG305.7L, Gas
1982-1988ChevroletG305.7L, Gas
1985-1988ChevroletG304.3L, Gas
1980ChevroletG205.7L, Gas
1983-1988ChevroletG205.7L, Gas
1980-1988ChevroletG205.0L, Gas
1985-1988ChevroletG204.3L, Gas
1980-1988ChevroletG105.7L, Gas
1980-1988ChevroletG105.0L, Gas
1985-1988ChevroletG104.3L, Gas
1980-1987PontiacGrand Prix3.8L, Gas
1980-1987OldsmobileCutlass Supreme3.8L, Gas
1980OldsmobileCutlass Salon3.8L, Gas
1985-1987OldsmobileCutlass Salon3.8L, Gas
1987GMCV1500 Pickup4.3L, Gas
1987GMCR25004.3L, Gas
1987GMCR15004.3L, Gas
1987ChevroletV10 Suburban4.3L, Gas
1987ChevroletR204.3L, Gas
1980-1987BuickRegal3.8L, Gas
1980-1986PontiacBonneville3.8L, Gas
1985-1986GMCK15004.3L, Gas
1985-1986GMCC25004.3L, Gas
1985-1986GMCC15004.3L, Gas
1985-1986ChevroletK104.3L, Gas
1985-1986ChevroletC204.3L, Gas
1985-1986ChevroletC104.3L, Gas
1980-1985OldsmobileDelta 883.8L, Gas
1985ChevroletK204.3L, Gas
1982ChevroletG305.0L, Gas
1985ChevroletG305.0L, Gas
1980-1985BuickLeSabre3.8L, Gas
1984PontiacParisienne3.8L, Gas
1980-1984OldsmobileCutlass Calais3.8L, Gas
1980-1984GMCCaballero3.8L, Gas
1980-1984ChevroletMonte Carlo3.8L, Gas
1980-1984ChevroletImpala3.8L, Gas
1980-1984ChevroletEl Camino3.8L, Gas
1980-1984ChevroletCaprice3.8L, Gas
1980-1984BuickLeSabre4.1L, Gas
1980-1984BuickElectra4.1L, Gas
1981-1983OldsmobileNinety-Eight4.1L, Gas
1980-1983OldsmobileCutlass Cruiser3.8L, Gas
1980-1983ChevroletMalibu3.8L, Gas
1980-1982CadillacFleetwood4.1L, Gas
1980-1982CadillacDeVille4.1L, Gas
1980-1981PontiacLeMans3.8L, Gas
1980-1981PontiacGrand LeMans3.8L, Gas
1980-1981PontiacCatalina3.8L, Gas
1980-1981OldsmobileCutlass3.8L, Gas
1980-1981GMCC15005.0L, Gas
1980-1981GMCC1500 Suburban5.0L, Gas
1980-1981ChevroletK10 Suburban5.0L, Gas
1980-1981ChevroletC105.0L, Gas
1980-1981ChevroletC10 Suburban5.0L, Gas
1980-1981ChevroletBlazer5.0L, Gas
1980-1981BuickCentury3.8L, Gas
1980GMCJimmy5.0L, Gas
1980GMCG35006.6L, Gas
1980GMCG25006.6L, Gas
1980GMCCaballero4.4L, Gas
1980GMCC25005.0L, Gas
1980ChevroletMonte Carlo4.4L, Gas
1980ChevroletMalibu4.4L, Gas
1980ChevroletK205.0L, Gas
1980ChevroletImpala4.4L, Gas
1980ChevroletG306.6L, Gas
1980ChevroletG206.6L, Gas
1980ChevroletEl Camino4.4L, Gas
1980ChevroletCaprice4.4L, Gas
1980ChevroletC205.0L, Gas
1980ChevroletC20 Suburban5.0L, Gas
1980CheckerMarathon4.4L, Gas
1980CheckerMarathon3.8L, Gas

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, silica - crystalline, methylene chloride, and lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

MORE INFO at www.P65warnings.ca..gov
Stock Replacement Filter (Cotton Cleanable)
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$28.04 USD
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Sale price
$28.04 USD
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