Stock Replacement Filter (Cotton Cleanable)

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Stock Replacement Filter (Cotton Cleanable)

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Filter Type (What Filter Should I Choose?) Cotton Cleanable

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Type of media Oiled (Red)
Quantity of oil 44 grams
1995-1998Dodge / RamB35005.9L, Gas
1995-1998Dodge / RamB35005.2L, Gas
1995-1998Dodge / RamB25005.9L, Gas
1995-1998Dodge / RamB25005.2L, Gas
1995-1998Dodge / RamB25003.9L, Gas
1996-1998Dodge / RamB15005.2L, Gas
1995-1998Dodge / RamB15003.9L, Gas
1989-1996Dodge / RamDakota5.2L, Gas
1987Dodge / RamDakota3.9L, Gas
1990-1996Dodge / RamDakota3.9L, Gas
1981-1988Dodge / RamB3505.9L, Gas
1990-1994Dodge / RamB3505.9L, Gas
1981-1987Dodge / RamB3505.2L, Gas
1989-1994Dodge / RamB3505.2L, Gas
1990-1992Dodge / RamB3503.9L, Gas
1994Dodge / RamB3503.9L, Gas
1981Dodge / RamB2505.9L, Gas
1984-1994Dodge / RamB2505.9L, Gas
1981-1987Dodge / RamB2505.2L, Gas
1989-1994Dodge / RamB2505.2L, Gas
1990-1994Dodge / RamB2503.9L, Gas
1990-1994Dodge / RamB1503.9L, Gas
1981-1993Dodge / RamW350 Pickup5.9L, Gas
1981-1982Dodge / RamW250 Pickup5.9L, Gas
1985-1993Dodge / RamW250 Pickup5.9L, Gas
1981-1987Dodge / RamW250 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1989-1993Dodge / RamW250 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1980-1981Dodge / RamW150 Pickup5.9L, Gas
1989-1991Dodge / RamW150 Pickup5.9L, Gas
1993Dodge / RamW150 Pickup5.9L, Gas
1980-1987Dodge / RamW150 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1989-1993Dodge / RamW150 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1984-1993Dodge / RamRamcharger5.9L, Gas
1982-1993Dodge / RamRamcharger5.2L, Gas
1981-1993Dodge / RamD3505.9L, Gas
1981-1982Dodge / RamD2505.9L, Gas
1984-1993Dodge / RamD2505.9L, Gas
1981-1987Dodge / RamD2505.2L, Gas
1989-1993Dodge / RamD2505.2L, Gas
1980-1982Dodge / RamD1505.9L, Gas
1984-1991Dodge / RamD1505.9L, Gas
1993Dodge / RamD1505.9L, Gas
1980-1987Dodge / RamD1505.2L, Gas
1989-1993Dodge / RamD1505.2L, Gas
1981-1987Dodge / RamB1505.2L, Gas
1989-1992Dodge / RamB1505.2L, Gas
1984-1991JeepGrand Wagoneer5.9L, Gas
1980-1989PlymouthGran Fury5.2L, Gas
1986-1987Dodge / RamW100 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1989Dodge / RamW100 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1986-1987Dodge / RamD1005.2L, Gas
1989Dodge / RamD1005.2L, Gas
1983-1989ChryslerFifth Avenue5.2L, Gas
1980-1988JeepJ205.9L, Gas
1980-1988JeepJ105.9L, Gas
1986-1988Dodge / RamD1005.9L, Gas
1980-1987Dodge / RamW150 Pickup3.7L, Gas
1986-1987Dodge / RamW100 Pickup3.7L, Gas
1981-1987Dodge / RamD2503.7L, Gas
1981-1987Dodge / RamD1503.7L, Gas
1986-1987Dodge / RamD1003.7L, Gas
1981-1983PlymouthPb350 Van Voyager5.9L, Gas
1981-1983PlymouthPb350 Van Voyager5.2L, Gas
1981-1983PlymouthPb250 Van Voyager5.2L, Gas
1980-1983JeepWagoneer5.9L, Gas
1980-1983JeepCherokee5.9L, Gas
1982-1983Dodge / RamW350 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1980-1983Dodge / RamMirada5.2L, Gas
1980-1983Dodge / RamMirada3.7L, Gas
1980-1983Dodge / RamDiplomat5.2L, Gas
1980-1983Dodge / RamDiplomat3.7L, Gas
1981-1983Dodge / RamD3505.2L, Gas
1983ChryslerImperial5.2L, Gas
1980-1983ChryslerCordoba5.2L, Gas
1981-1982PlymouthPb150 Van Voyager5.2L, Gas
1980-1982PlymouthGran Fury3.7L, Gas
1980-1982ChryslerNew Yorker5.2L, Gas
1982ChryslerNew Yorker3.7L, Gas
1980-1982ChryslerCordoba3.7L, Gas
1981PlymouthPb250 Van Voyager5.9L, Gas
1980-1981JeepCj75.0L, Gas
1980-1981JeepCj55.0L, Gas
1980-1981Dodge / RamSt. Regis5.2L, Gas
1980-1981Dodge / RamSt. Regis3.7L, Gas
1980-1981ChryslerTown & Country5.2L, Gas
1980-1981ChryslerTown & Country3.7L, Gas
1980-1981ChryslerNewport5.2L, Gas
1980-1981ChryslerNewport3.7L, Gas
1980-1981ChryslerLeBaron5.2L, Gas
1980-1981ChryslerLeBaron3.7L, Gas
1980PlymouthVolare5.2L, Gas
1980PlymouthVolare3.7L, Gas
1980PlymouthTrailduster5.9L, Gas
1980PlymouthTrailduster5.2L, Gas
1980PlymouthPb300 Van Voyager5.9L, Gas
1980PlymouthPb300 Van Voyager5.2L, Gas
1980PlymouthPb100 Van Voyager5.2L, Gas
1980PlymouthGran Fury5.9L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamW300 Pickup5.9L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamW300 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamW200 Pickup5.9L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamW200 Pickup5.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamSt. Regis5.9L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamD3005.9L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamD3005.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamD2005.9L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamD2005.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamCb3005.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamB3005.2L, Gas
1972-1973Dodge / RamB2005.2L, Gas
1975-1978Dodge / RamB2005.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamB2005.2L, Gas
1972-1978Dodge / RamB1005.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamB1005.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamAspen5.2L, Gas
1980Dodge / RamAspen3.7L, Gas
1980ChryslerNewport5.9L, Gas
1980ChryslerNew Yorker5.9L, Gas
1974Dodge / RamB2005.9L, Gas
1979Dodge / RamB2005.9L, Gas
1972Dodge / RamB2003.7L, Gas
1969PlymouthSatellite5.2L, Gas

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, silica - crystalline, methylene chloride, and lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

MORE INFO at www.P65warnings.ca..gov
Stock Replacement Filter (Cotton Cleanable)
Sale price
$26.12 USD
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Sale price
$26.12 USD
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