Stock Replacement Filter (Dry Extendable)

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Stock Replacement Filter (Dry Extendable)

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Filter Type (What Filter Should I Choose?) Dry Extendable

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Type of media Dry
2014-2015Harley DavidsonFXSB Breakout103 CI, Gas
2012-2015Harley DavidsonFLSTN Softail Deluxe103 CI, Gas
2012-2015Harley DavidsonFLSTFB Softail Fat Boy Lo103 CI, Gas
2012-2015Harley DavidsonFLSTF Fat Boy103 CI, Gas
2012-2015Harley DavidsonFLSTC Heritage Softail Classic103 CI, Gas
2008-2011Harley DavidsonFXCWC Rocker C96 CI, Gas
2007-2011Harley DavidsonFLSTN Softail Deluxe96 CI, Gas
2010-2011Harley DavidsonFLSTFB Softail Fat Boy Lo96 CI, Gas
2007-2011Harley DavidsonFLSTF Fat Boy96 CI, Gas
2007-2011Harley DavidsonFLSTC Heritage Softail Classic96 CI, Gas
2007-2010Harley DavidsonFXSTC Softail Custom96 CI, Gas
2009Harley DavidsonFXSTSSE3 CVO Softail Springer 110 CI110 CI, Gas
2007-2009Harley DavidsonFXSTB Night Train96 CI, Gas
2009Harley DavidsonFXDFSE CVO Fat Bob 110 CI110 CI, Gas
2008-2009Harley DavidsonFXCW Rocker96 CI, Gas
2008-2009Harley DavidsonFLSTSB Softail Cross Bones96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFXSTD Softail Deuce96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFXST Softail Standard96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFXDWG Dyna Wide Glide96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFXDL Dyna Low Rider96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFXDC Super Glide Custom96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFXDB Street Bob96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFXD Dyna Super Glide96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLSTSC Softail Springer Classic96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLHX Street Glide96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLHTP Electra Glide Police103 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide96 CI, Gas
2002-2007Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic F/I88 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLHRC Road King Classic96 CI, Gas
2007Harley DavidsonFLHR Road King96 CI, Gas
2001-2006Harley DavidsonFXSTSI Springer Softail F/I88 CI, Gas
2000-2006Harley DavidsonFXSTS Springer Softail88 CI, Gas
2001-2006Harley DavidsonFXSTI Softail Standard F/I88 CI, Gas
2001-2006Harley DavidsonFXSTDI Softail Deuce F/I88 CI, Gas
2000-2006Harley DavidsonFXSTD Softail Deuce88 CI, Gas
2001-2006Harley DavidsonFXSTBI Night Train F/I88 CI, Gas
2000-2006Harley DavidsonFXSTB Night Train88 CI, Gas
2000-2006Harley DavidsonFXST Softail Standard88 CI, Gas
2004-2006Harley DavidsonFXDWGI Dyna Wide Glide F/I88 CI, Gas
1999-2006Harley DavidsonFXDWG Dyna Wide Glide88 CI, Gas
2004-2006Harley DavidsonFXDLI Dyna Low Rider F/I88 CI, Gas
2006Harley DavidsonFXDI35 35th Anniv. Super Glide F/I88 CI, Gas
2004-2006Harley DavidsonFXDI Dyna Super Glide F/I88 CI, Gas
2005-2006Harley DavidsonFXDCI Dyna Super Glide Custom F/I88 CI, Gas
2006Harley DavidsonFXDBI Street Bob F/I88 CI, Gas
2002-2006Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide F/I88 CI, Gas
2005-2006Harley DavidsonFLSTSCI Softail Springer Classic F/I88 CI, Gas
2005-2006Harley DavidsonFLSTSC Softail Springer Classic88 CI, Gas
2005-2006Harley DavidsonFLSTNI Softail Deluxe F/I88 CI, Gas
2005-2006Harley DavidsonFLSTN Softail Deluxe88 CI, Gas
2006Harley DavidsonFLSTI Heritage Softail F/I88 CI, Gas
2001-2006Harley DavidsonFLSTFI Fat Boy F/I88 CI, Gas
2000-2006Harley DavidsonFLSTF Fat Boy88 CI, Gas
2002-2006Harley DavidsonFLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic F/I88 CI, Gas
2000-2006Harley DavidsonFLSTC Heritage Softail Classic88 CI, Gas
2006Harley DavidsonFLST Heritage Softail88 CI, Gas
2006Harley DavidsonFLHXI Street Glide F/I88 CI, Gas
2006Harley DavidsonFLHX Street Glide88 CI, Gas
2003-2006Harley DavidsonFLHTI Electra Glide Standard F/I88 CI, Gas
2006Harley DavidsonFLHTCUSE Screamin Eagle Ultra Classic Electra Glid103 CI, Gas
2002-2006Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic F/I88 CI, Gas
1999-2006Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard88 CI, Gas
2004-2006Harley DavidsonFLHRSI Road King Custom F/I88 CI, Gas
2004-2006Harley DavidsonFLHRS Road King Custom88 CI, Gas
2002-2006Harley DavidsonFLHRI Road King F/I88 CI, Gas
2002-2006Harley DavidsonFLHRCI Road King Classic F/I88 CI, Gas
1999-2006Harley DavidsonFLHR Road King88 CI, Gas
2004-2005Harley DavidsonFXDXI Dyna Super Glide Sport F/I88 CI, Gas
1999-2005Harley DavidsonFXDL Dyna Low Rider88 CI, Gas
1999-2005Harley DavidsonFXD Dyna Super Glide88 CI, Gas
2005Harley DavidsonFLHTCSE2 Screamin Eagle Electra Glide 2103 CI, Gas
1999-2005Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic88 CI, Gas
1999-2004Harley DavidsonFXDX Dyna Super Glide Sport88 CI, Gas
2001-2003Harley DavidsonFXDXT Dyna Super Glide T-Sport88 CI, Gas
2001-2003Harley DavidsonFLSTSI Heritage Springer F/I88 CI, Gas
2000-2003Harley DavidsonFLSTS Heritage Springer88 CI, Gas
1999-2002Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide88 CI, Gas
2001Harley DavidsonFXDWG388 CI, Gas
2000Harley DavidsonFXDWG288 CI, Gas
1999-2000Harley DavidsonFXDS Dyna Convertible88 CI, Gas

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, silica - crystalline, methylene chloride, and lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

MORE INFO at www.P65warnings.ca..gov
Stock Replacement Filter (Dry Extendable)
Sale price
$45.00 USD
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Sale price
$45.00 USD
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