Copy of Instructions for Helmet Exhaust Fan Replacement

Before You Start

  1. Please read the entire replacement guide before proceeding.

  2. Disconnect the wire harness (both connector plugs) from the Helmet Particle Separator before doing any kind of maintenance. Do not work on your Helmet Particle Separator while it is connected to the wire harness.

  3. Use a clean table or a clean flat surface to work on your Helmet Particle Separator as there are small screws and washers that can get lost if you are not careful.

  4. All the small screws used in the assembly are stainless steel button head allen screws. Avoid using ball end hex keys as they will tend to strip the head of the small stainless screws. It is better to use straight hex keys on these small stainless fasteners.

  5. Tools Required: 2.5mm Hex Key.

  6. If you have any questions or need any assistance, call our customer support team at (909) 947-0015.

Required Tools

- 4mm Hex Key

- 5mm Hex Key

- 13mm Wrench or Socket Wrench

Blower and Exhaust Fan Identification

There are two fans in the Helmet Particle Separator. The Exhaust Fan (Item 15) is the smaller fan that removes the dust and particles from the air. The Blower Fan (Item 11) blows the cleaned air into the hoses connected to your helmet. 


Use your thumb to remove the Blower Fan connector and Exhaust Fan connector from the Exhaust Cover (Item 16) by pushing and sliding the connector from the Connector Clips (Item 18) as shown.


Both connectors should be fully removed from the Exhaust Cover.


Using a 2.5mm Hex Key, remove the (4) Screws (Item 13) and (4) Washers (Item 17) from the Exhaust Cover (Item 16).


Carefully separate the Exhaust Cover (Item 16) from the Main Housing (Item 1).


Using a 2.0mm Hex Key, carefully remove the (4) Screws (Item 3) attaching the Exhaust Fan (Item 15) to the Main Housing (Item 1) and remove the Exhaust Fan.


As a precaution, check the inside of the Main Housing (Item 1) and Inertial Tubes (Item 4) for any lodged particles or debris and remove them if found.


Position the new Exhaust Fan (Item 15) on to the Main Housing (Item 1) with the Fan part number label facing towards you and the Fan wires exiting the fan in the location shown. Tighten all (4) Screws (Item 3) with a 2mm Hex Key.


Coil the Exhaust Fan wire in front of the Fan leaving 3.50 inches of straight length which will come out of the Exhaust Cover (Item 16).


Install the Exhaust Cover (Item 16). Tuck the Fan wire between the Exhaust Cover and the Fan being careful not to pinch the wire anywhere. Also make sure the Fan wire comes out of the Exhaust Cover through the small notch so it does not get pinched on the Exhaust Cover. You should have about 3.50 inches of wire length between the Fan connector and the Exhaust Cover.



Using a 2.5mm Hex Key, fasten the Exhaust Cover (Item 16) to the Main Housing (Item 1), with the (4) Screws (Item 13) and (4) Washers (Item 17). Tighten all (4) Screws.


Snap in both fan connectors into the Connector Clips (Item 18).


Plug both Fan Connectors to the Wire Harness and run both fans to verify they are working properly. Adjust the Speed Control Knob both ways to test the variable speed of the Blower Fan. If you hear any unusual sounds, check for loose fasteners, misplaced components, or any obstructions to the fans and correct as necessary. Call customer service if you have any questions at (909) 947-0015. Enjoy your newly rebuilt Helmet Particle Separator.