It’s not acceptable for stock body mounts to deteriorate over time. So we engineered our Silicone Body Mounts from the ground up, perfecting every detail so you get a premium lifetime product.

Made From Premium Silicone.

S&B Body Mounts are made from premium silicone, so they won't deteriorate like stock. Silicone resists heat and ozone and will last the lifetime of your truck which is why we give a lifetime guarantee.

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Lasts a lifetime.

New steel caps come standard and are specially coated to resist rust build up.

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New OEM Bolts Included.

Your family will be safer. Ford, Chevy, and Dodge instruct dealers to only use new bolts once body mounts are removed. The reality is that most dealers just reuse the same bolts to save you money, which could cause the cab and frame to separate. All S&B Body Mount kits come with OEM designed bolts, so the dealer has no reason to reuse the old bolts.

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Cap Keyed For Frame Tab.

Locks into the vehicles mounting frame and prevents the body mount from spinning when tightening bolts. This makes for an easier installation.

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All S&B Silicone Body Mounts are built to last and are backed by a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Must be installed per Chevy/GMC, Ford, or Dodge installation Instructions. $150 cap on labor.

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Road test and driver approved. Check out what some of our customers are saying about their S&B Body Mounts and how much of a difference they made in ride quality.

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It's easy to visually check the body mounts for deterioration, you just crawl under and look at it. If the stock mount looks like it's cracking, deteriorating, falling apart, or becoming brittle, it's time to replace them. Typical tell-tale signs of a worn out or deteriorated body mount can also include the following symptoms:

  • Your truck makes rattling or a clunking noise when driving, especially when turning.
  • The truck feels as though it is trembling or shaking.

We recommend S&B Silicone Body Mounts be be installed by a professional and in accordance with the OEM service documentation.

All S&B Silicone Body Mount kits include OEM bolts for installation.