Install Instructions for AS-1017

Before You Start

Sprinter Snorkel

VEHILCE FITMENT:  2007-2022 2.0L & 3.0L Diesel, Mercedes, Sprinter

Required Tools

  • 12mm, Socket and Wrench
  • 13mm Wrench
  • 7/16" Ratcheting Wrench
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver

Step 1

Cut out the included drill template, match it up to the geometry on the van and hold in place with painters tape.

Step 2

With a smaller drill bit, drill 3 holes. Then using a 25/64” drill bit, open up the 2 smaller holes for the plus nuts.

Step 3

Using a 4” hole saw, drill through both levels of sheet metal. Please see step 3b on wire harnesses to free before drilling through the 2nd layer.

Step 3b

Cut the zip ties holding the wire harness and lift up and out of the way. The wire harness will sit over the snorkel intake tube. Be very careful to not damage the wire harness when drilling through the sheet metal.

Step 4

Use a deburring pencil to clean up the 3 holes.

Step 5

Using paint, coat the edges of the material we just drilled through to prevent rust.

Step 6

Assemble the long bolt through the plus nut tool and plus nut. 

Step 6b

Insert the plus nut into the hole, hold the tool with a 13mm wrench, tighten the bolt with a 12mm socket until the plus nut completely opens up. Then remove the bolt and repeat the process with the other hole

Step 7

Install the snorkel base into the hole. Using the ¼”-20 bolts (#3) and fender washers get bolt bolts started by hand. The bottom bolt is best installed with a ratcheting socket.

Step 8

Install the lower gasket onto the main snorkel body

Step 9

Temporarily install the upper bracket onto the main snorkel tube. The small edge side is the side(or side with non slotted holes) is the side that connects to the tube.

Step 10

Install the snorkel tube into the base and determine where the upper bracket is going to land. Trace the bracket or mark the hole where the plus nuts need to be drilled. 

Step 11

If you traced the outside of the bracket and weren’t able to mark the actual holes for the plus nuts, remove the bracket and install it onto the van and mark the holes for the plus nuts.

Step 12

Using the same 25/64” drill bit, drill the 3 holes for the plus nuts. Clean with a deburring tool and coat the edges with paint.

Step 13

Install the 3 plus nuts the same way the prior 2 plus nuts were installed

Step 14

Install the 4 Phillips head screws with the grid cap. We include a head of the snorkel to be installed facing forward or facing rearward. 

Forward facing: More “ram air” and better performance

Rearward facing: Even less dust ingestion

Step 15

Install the black joining plates and black Phillips bolts onto the snorkel head.

Step 16

Remove the OEM front scoop. Push down through the hole in the scoop with a screwdriver to free the scoop

Step 17

Install the couplers onto the tubes with hose clamps loose. Install the tubes into the engine bay then tighten the hose clamps.

Step 18

Ensure all wire looms are free in the engine bay and all bolts are tight on the snorkel. Install is complete