Install Instructions for 82-1004

Before You Start

Thank you for purchasing your new S&B Filters Map Spacer. If at any time you need additional assistance with installation or have any other questions or comments, feel free to call our customer support team at 909-947-0015.

Required Tools

  • 7mm Wrench/Socket
  • 8mm Wrench/Socket

Approx. Install Time: 15 min

Step 1

Unplug the map sensor harness.

Step 2

Remove the map sensor bolt using a 7mm wrench. Be careful not to drop this bolt in your engine bay. Access is limited on the 2017-2019 trucks so the shorter the wrench the better.

Step 3

Remove the map sensor from the manifold. Pull up and wiggle on the spacer to get it free of the manifold.

Step 4

Install the provided O-ring onto the S&B Map sensor spacer and install the spacer into the manifold. Make sure the bolt hole is lined up with the threaded insert in the manifold.

Step 5

Install the map sensor with the original o ring into the S&B spacer. Again, make sure the bolt hole is lined up with both the hole in the spacer and the threaded insert in the manifold.

Step 6

Apply thread locker to the new bolt included with the S&B kit.

Step 7

Thread the bolt in as far as possible by hand and then use a 8mm wrench to snug it up and complete the last few rotations. Be careful not to overtighten the bolt.

Step 8

Reconnect the map sensor harness.