Install Instructions for 82-1000

Before You Start

Thank you for purchasing your new S&B Filters Map Spacer. If at any time you need additional assistance with installation or have any other questions or comments, feel free to call our customer support team at 909-947-0015.

Required Tools

  • 5mm Allen Wrench Socket
  • 10mm Wrench/Socket
  • Torque Wrench

Approx. Install Time: 15 min

Step 1

Make sure the engine is off, cooled down, and the vehicle is safely parked with the parking brake set. Locate the MAP Sensor and the M6 Hex Head Flange Screw holding the MAP Sensor in place.

Step 2

Remove the M6 Hex Head Flange Screw and keep it to use in Step 4. Do not disconnect the harness from the MAP Sensor.

Step 3

Carefully remove the MAP Sensor from the Intake Manifold. A back and forth twisting helps to make removal easier.

Step 4

Carefully insert the MAP Sensor into the MAP Spacer (A) and secure it with the M6 Hex Head Flange Screw as shown. Do not use any Threadlocker on this screw and hand tighten only. Install the O-Ring (B) into the Spacer groove. Carefully stretch the O-Ring over the lip to fully seat into the groove. Once fully seated, the O-Ring will stay in the groove as you turn the Spacer over for installation into the Intake Manifold.

Step 5

Make sure the mounting face and tapped hole of the Intake Manifold are clean.

Step 6

Apply a small drop of Threadlocker (D) onto the end of the M6 Socket Head Cap Screw (C).

Step 7

Install the MAP Spacer into the Intake Manifold as shown. Make sure the O-Ring (B) does not accidentally fall out of the groove. When the O-Ring is fully seated in the groove, it will not fall out. Use the M6 SHCS (C) to secure the MAP Spacer to the Manifold. Torque the M6 SHCS to 60 in-lbs. Torque the M6 Hex Flange Screw (from Step 4) to 60 in-lbs.

Step 8

Finished installation should look like this as shown. Make sure the MAP Sensor and Harness are free from rubbing other components that may cause any wear or damage.