Install Instructions for 76-6001

Before You Start

• Please read the entire product guide before proceeding.

• Ensure all components listed above are present.

• If you are missing any of the components, call the S&B Customer Support Team at (909) 947-0015.

• Disconnect your battery before doing any electrical modifications.

Required Tools

- 4mm Hex Key

- 5mm Hex Key

- 13mm Wrench or Socket Wrench

Thread Locker Use

We have provided a small tube of thread locker in your kit. Whenever you see the symbol above on a step of the instructions apply 1 small drop of the thread locker to the threads of the screws or bolts. This will keep your hardware from vibrating loose during rough driving. If the hardware ever needs to be removed, do so slowly to avoid having the inserts strip out from the plastic.


Determine where you want to mount the Helmet Particle Separator. The intake can face forwards or backwards, but it needs to be mounted horizontally, with the Exhaust Fan pointing straight down. It is recommended to mount the Helmet PS in an orientation where there is less dust entering the vortex separators. Also note the Fan Speed Knob is between the Helmet Ports


Install the Adapters (B) onto the Helmet Particle Separator Assembly (A) with the Screws (D), Washers (C), and Thread Locker (O), then tighten. Tool Needed:


Install the L Brackets (E) onto the Adapters with the Screws (G), Washers (F), and Thread Locker (O), selecting the proper angle and orientation based on the desired location for the Particle Separator, then tighten. Tool Needed: 5mm Hex Key


Slide the bar mount straps over roll cage. Wrapping a small parts bag around the roll cage will make sliding the strap over the roll cage easier and help protect the roll cage from scratches.


Install the Pivot Bodies (H) with the Screws (I), Washers (F), and Locknuts (J). Snug the straps up, but do not fully tighten, leave the straps loose enough so they can be slid side to side and rotated. Tools Needed: 13mm Wrench, 5mm Hex Key.


Install the L Brackets (E) onto the Pivot Bodies (H) using the Screws (G) and Washers (F), and Thread Locker (O), then tighten. Tool Needed: 5mm Hex Key.


Once you are satisfied with the position of the Particle Separator, tighten the Straps, double check that all mounting screws and nuts are tight and that they are securely mounting the Particle Separator on the roll cage. Tools Needed: 13mm Wrench, 5mm Hex Key.


Familiarize yourself with the Wire Harness (K). It has a red Power Wire (BATT), a black Ground Wire (GND), an orange Accessory Wire (ACC), dual Fan Connectors, and labeled female spade terminals for the supplied Rocker Switch.


The Power, Ground, and Accessory Wire go to the corresponding posts of the vehicle buss bar. If you don’t have a buss bar, the Power and Ground can go to the battery, and the Accessory wire can go to a properly fused, key on power source. Use the Posi-Seal (N) and Wire (Q) to extend the ACC wire and use Posi-Tap (M) to connect to the properly fused, key on power source.

WARNING: Only connect the ACC wire to a key on power source that is properly fused.


Cut a 13/16” by 1 7/16” hole in the desired mounting location for the Rocker Switch. Use a file to slowly open up the hole for a precise fit. Plug the female spade terminals into the corresponding male spades on the Toggle Switch. Optional, if you choose to use your own 2 post switch wire #2 & #6 together on one post, and #3 on the other post, then exclude #7 & #8 which are grounds.


Route the Fan Connectors up to the particle separator and plug them in. There are 2 fans in the Helmet Particle Separator, the scavenge fan that separates the dust, and the blower fan that forces fresh air into your helmet, the connectors are identical.


Double check to make sure all connectors are plugged in and secured. Turn the ignition and switch on and make sure air is blowing out the blower and exhaust ports of the Particle Separator. If the exhaust fan does not turn on, double check your electrical wiring. Your installation is now complete. Enjoy your new Helmet Particle Separator.