Install Instructions for 10-1023

Before You Start

  • Please read the entire product guide before proceeding
  • Ensure all parts are present.
  • If you are missing any parts, please call or text us at (909)-675-1313
  • Do not work on your vehicle while the underbody components are hot.
  • Make sure the vehicle is in park or the parking brake is set if you plan on working on the ground. If working on a lift, make sure the vehicle is lifted safely and securely.
  • Drain your original fuel tank before beginning the S&B Installation process. S&B Tanks recommends removing only an empty or near empty tank for your safety. We recommend using a siphon or electronic transfer pump.
  • Disconnect and isolate both of the negative battery cables
  • Before installing S&B Tank, conduct pressure test to ensure o'ring is properly seated.
  • In-bed Auxiliary Fuel Tanks will void the Lifetime Warranty.
  • Nozzle at high flow fuel station may continue to "click off". Tank is designed to work at regular fuel stations.

Required Tools

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 15mm Socket
  • Ratchet
  • 12" Driver Extension
  • Fuel Line Disconnect Tool - 3/8" and 1/2"


Some suction fittings were made incorrectly and measure at .51" rather than .50". Sandpaper can be used to take some thickness off the fitting or you can call us at 909.675.1313 and we can send you a replacement fitting.


Remove the filler hose from the tank or at the hose clamp connecting the hose to the metal filler neck


Center up a transmission jack under the tank.

Installation can be completed without a lift. Make sure the vehicle is safely parked with the parking brake set. If your truck is lowered or has running boards you may have to use a jack to get the S&B Tank in position.


Remove the 2 fuel tank straps.


Lower the tank 3-4 inches and remove the 2 fuel lines that are going from the fuel tank sending unit to the fuel cooler.

STEP 5 FOR 10-1023 TANK

Remove the electrical connector by releasing the tab on the side and pulling out on the connector.


Remove the fuel tank from the vehicle and transfer over the feed and return line onto the S&B Tank. Be sure the fuel line connectors are clean before connecting to the S&B sending unit.


Place the S&B o'ring into the o'ring groove. Then when the bucket is already in the tank, install the float onto the bucket.


Center the hydraulic jack underneath the fuel tank and raise until you can make the connection with the electrical connector(Step 9) and then raise the tank more until you can connect the vent hose onto the sending unit(Step 10) and reconnect the 2 fuel lines onto the fuel cooler(Step 11). Step 10 is for the 10-1006 tank. Once these connections are made, the tank can be lifted all the way into the truck.

- Lift Install: Hydraulic Jack

- Floor Install: Floor jack with added support to properly hold tank


Reconnect the electrical connector onto the S&B sending unit. The 10-1023 tank will require the included electrical connector adaptor.


Reconnect the 2 fuel lines coming from the sending unit onto the fuel cooler.


Route the 5/16" vent from the from the front part of the tank over the crossmember and onto the barbed fitting.


Install the 2 S&B fuel tank straps.


Install the S&B support bar in front of the S&B Tank. The hooks should be over the inside lip of the frame rail. Then by pressing up on the tank and pushing on the bar, slide the bar under the S&B Tank until it is in the groove on the S&B Tank.


To secure the S&B support bar to the frame. Slide the u-bolts over the bar and slide as close to the frame as possible. Then install the clips, washers and lock nuts onto the u-bolt. The larger of the 2 clips goes onto the driver side frame.


Secure the filler hose back onto the S&B Tank.


This is what the tank should look like when the fuel tank straps and the support bar are installed.


This final checklist is very important. 

#1 Make sure all bolts and nuts are safely fastened and torqued. 

#2 Ensure there is proper driveshaft clearance. 

#3 Double check fuel line connections, the electrical connection as well as the vent and fill lines. 

#4 Lastly, fill the tank full and check for any leaks. 

If you have any questions, call or text us at 909.675.1313